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Raspberry Velvet Forever...

Aerose Artistry uses Jerzees Super T's
50/50 Cotton/Polyester Blend Heavy Weight Tees With High Thread Count.
Our Original Designs are for the most part One Of A Kind Designs
as individual as the person that they are made for.
Our custom paint jobs and airbrush art are highly detailed and are always complimented by our customers.

We make original one of a kind art!
We don't copy your designs!
Please Do Not Copy Ours.
We would prefer to respect copyright laws and do not feel it is right to copy other artists' work.
Images of Copyrighted Cartoon Characters on this site has been for my children, family, and for friends as gifts.
We Do Not Airbrush These Copyrighted Characters For Sale To The Public! Please Do not ask us to.
Contact Aerose Artistry for permission to use any images on this site

We have, can and have used, airbrushed, painted, made or personalized these items and designs that are to be found on our website:
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We also have "how to's" and tutorials on cleaning airbrushes, heat setting, opaque projectors, leather and vinyl airbrushing, leather and vinyl refinish paints and dyes links, tandy leather, super shene, stencils, stenciling.
This site, airbrush galleries, airbrush art, photos of airbrushed art, and all original airbrushed designs made by Aerose Artistry, Airbrush Art By Denise are owned by ima_r_tiste, we sue for photo and design theft,,, Denise Thurston-Newton, The Airbrush Rose Of Texas, Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas, Airbrush Rose, Aerose Artistry, Airbrush Art By Denise, Denise Thurston, freehand airbrush artist, airbrushing freehand, freehand, airbrush, painter, custom painter, sketching, drawing, charcoal, galleries, gallery. Also on this site are links to my family and friends: Aubrey Newton, jay_aln, Damian Newton, demondan, Help us find Ralph, steven_skc, skc customz, skc customs, steven craig, Tattoo Rodeo, Steven Craig's Yahoo Group "Custom Paint And Airbrushing, G. D. Rankin, and artwork: Chili's, Chili's Restaurant Crayon Chili Art.
Visit our Selena fans and friends in Brazil at the blogger website for Selena fans where our Selena portraits have made a hit. There are also links on the website to Selena Chat