Ral Phthanatos Mephisto

Ralph The Wonder Dog

Faster Than A Speeding Squirrel
Able To Leap Tall Chain Link Fences In A Single Bound
Bigger Than Any German Shepherd
Looking For Socks, Chicken And
The Pit Bull Bitch Down The Street

Ralph snuck out Saturday Morning, April 03, 2004
looking for love and a step ladder.
Ralph has not returned home.

Ralph, or you can call him Ralphy, is more than a family pet.
He is one of the family.
Ralph has been with us since he was 6 weeks old.
He just had his 8th birthday March 23.


Ralph is super intelligent and believes he can talk to you.
You may not understand him but we do.
If he is alive and you know of his where abouts,
he maybe telling you he wants to come home.

Ralph is a Silver Toy Poodle
His fur is darker around his eyes and nose.
He has one white toenail.

At the time of his disappearance, Ralph needed a haircut
and looks like he does in the picture at the bottom.
Ralph has on a black collar with an ID Tag with
His Name And Our Address on it.

Ralph does tricks and will "dance", "roll over", "stretch"
or go through his whole repertoire if he sees you with food,
needs to go outside, or wants a drink.

Ralph is very unmistakeable and is one of a kind.

Ralph was seen last in South Grand Prairie, the area
around Brian Dr. between Carrier Pkwy. And Beatty Dr.
Kirby Creek Area
south of South Grand Prairie High School, possibly around
Zavala Elementary School, and Glenda Dr.
If you have seen him, If you know where he is,
If you ran over him with your car...

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